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What is it like to be a Data Scientist

In the following youtube video Josh Wills, Senior Director of Data Science at Cloudera, talks about what it is like to be a Data Scientist. The term data scientist means different things to different people. Josh Wills himself has an excellent less-then-140-characters definition of a Data Scientist which goes like this:

“a person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician”

In this 33-minute video Josh Wills will take you through all the key components of what it takes to become, work, and think like a Data Scientist.

Here is a short summary of what he touches on during the video:

  • What data scientists do?
  • The evolution of data storage.
  • Extracting business value from data – Data economics.
  • Big Data economics.
  • Hadoop, Map/Reduce.
  • Thinking like a data scientist
  • Solving data intensive problems and finding insights.
  • Data abudance vs Data scarcity.
  • Creating a data science team.
  • Designing machine learning models to optimize a business problem.
  • Measuring impact.
  • and finally introduces to Data Science courses offered by Cloudera.

Cloudera: Training a New Generation of Data Scientists

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The world of a Data Scientist

During the last two to three years we’ve seen a proliferation of new data sources being introduced in the market place that has enabled people to generate more data in a couple of years than the entire data generated since the advent of the internet. This data explosion if you will, has introduced new challenges and opportunities for companies who are thinking of remaining competitive and relevant in this information age. Terms like Big Data...
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